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Atlantic Productions

Executive Producer

Anthony Geffen

Creative Producer

Phil Harper

Line Producer

David Bradshaw

Editorial Producer

James Manisty

Production Assistant

Alex Marlow

Designed by

Arnold and Pearn

Additional development by

George Corney, Haxiomic

Film Team

Mike Davis

Paul Williams

Edward McGown

Dr Alex Vail

Mike Pitts

Kylie Stott

Visual Effects by


James Prosser

Matthew Baker-Jones

Bhaumik Patel

Aleksandra Czenczek

Charlie Lovett


Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, University of Queensland

Dr Sophie Dove, University of Queensland

Professor Gregg Webb, University of Queensland

Professor Madeleine van Oppen, Australian Institute of Marine Science

Ben Potts, Heron Island Research Station

Dr Alastair Birtles, The Minke Whale Project

Dr Lyle Vail, Australian Museum

Dr Alex Vail

Dr Anne Hoggett, Australian Museum

Fiona McDuie PhD James Cook University

Dr Robin Beaman, James Cook University

Professor Justin Marshall, University of Queensland

Mark 'Buck' Taylor

Steve Simpson, University of Exeter

Cassandra Brooks and John Weller

With Special Thanks To


With thanks to

Australian Institute of Marine Science

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

University of Queensland

Queensland Brain Institute

Heron Island Research Station

South East Asia Rainforest Research Programme

James Cook University

Australian Museum

University of Melbourne

Triton Submersibles





XL Catlin Seaview Survey

Dr Dean Miller, The Minke Whale Project

Dr Julius Piercy, University of Essex

Nature Footage


Triton Submersibles

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