Chapter Five

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Lady Elliot Island

Just 0.01% of the world's population has dived on a coral reef. If we don't feel connected to our planet's natural wonder, can we ever feel moved to save it? The Great Barrier Reef is a vital part of the ocean's functioning ecosystem, it supports a richness of life equal to our rainforests. In fact, one quarter of the world's fish rely on coral reefs at one stage of their lives, and yet they are in danger. If we can raise awareness of its beauty, and the pressures that threaten it, perhaps we can make a difference.

The reef is in decline

Since this site was launched approximately


of the reef has been lost


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We've already lost about 50% of the corals on the Great Barrier Reef in 30 years. 1 in every 4 species of fish in the word's oceans rely on coral reefs at some point in their lives. By sharing this message, you can raise awareness about the danger this vitally important wonder of the natural world is in.

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